Geospatial Sciences and Modeling Cluster



Implementing remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), information technology, and crop modeling to support technology targeting and disaster response. With advanced geospatial technology, IRRI team aims to promote sustainable and profitable rice-based farming systems to meet current demand for healthy and affordable rice while committing to safeguard the environments for future generations.


  • Provide multiscale digital intelligence to accelerate research impact
  • Innovate in the development of actionable solutions for sustainable equitable and inclusive agri-food system
  • Lead IRRI initiative in exploring data technologies to distill complex data that vary spatially and temporally into accessible and understandable forms for different stakeholders


Geographical Information System

Application for spatial analyses integrating data from different sources to develop informative map on potential and constraints of agricultural system to support decision making and policy planning

Remote Sensing Technology

Application for crop monitoring and forecasting to policy support for food security, crop insurance, and disaster response

Modeling and Data Intelligence

Application to understand and predict system functioning for informed and precise recommendations in technology development targeting and dissemination


  • GIS Training for Agricultural Research
  • ORYZA Training Program for Basic Applications
  • Advanced Applications of ORYZA for Rice Research